Background Checks & Investigations

Fragale Investigations has an illustrious and deep history of success in protecting our clients with exhaustive and up-to-date background investigation in Charlotte, NC. No matter what your requirement- be it corporate protection, custody entanglements or screening of new employees, Fragale always has the perfect investigator for the job.

Business InvestigationOne of the best ways to verify the validity of any given information is to have a background check conducted. You can use this to your advantage, whether you need to probe on an investment or business partner further, check on a future nanny's credentials or even your daughter's new fiancé.

A thorough background check provides pertinent information that you can harness to protect yourself, your family or business from potential fraud or harm. The information provided can also be used in case of undesirable business, criminal or civil situations.

Our licensed private investigators are experts in their respective fields, and can supply a detailed and accurate report no matter where the subject might be located. We also understand how important the background check information is for your peace of mind, and can provide a wide array of different background checks to get the exact type of information you are looking for.

Fragale Investigations prides itself on producing relevant background checks in the fastest way possible. We do not take short cuts, nor add unnecessary fluff when doing our job. We respect our client's urgency and their concern for their company, families and loved ones alike, and match their fervor in finding the truth as soon as we can.


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Call or contact us today at 704-666-5216 for any background investigation service that you need and we will have the right investigator meet with you and go over the process and results that you can expect from our background checks. Your confidentiality is of utmost importance.