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Fragale Investigations is a fully registered and licensed full-service Charlotte Private Investigator / private detective firm. We are largely based and operational within North charlotte-private-investigatorCarolina Metropolitan Area. We value our reputation highly as one of the top private investigation firms which is why we offer our clients highly detailed, accurate and confidential services. Fragale Investigations has already taken up and solved countless cases. Our success is attributed largely to our many years of experience in the private investigation industry. Our professional expertise and work ethic has also contributed greatly to our success. We have already collaborated and established strong relationships with numerous public, private and government entities such as lawyers, government agencies as well as individual citizens. You can therefore rest assured that we have covered and mastered all the important corners of the entire investigative industry.We offer very extensive investigation and surveillance services. In fact, Fragale Investigations surpasses most (if not all) Charlotte private investigators.

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Charlotte Private Investigators
We, Fragale Investigations take great pride in our experience and accomplishments yet, we never forget to serve all our clients with the commitment and dedication we have always had in the past. We make a point of sitting down with all our clients, hearing them out and offering varying solutions that will benefit them the most. Our priority is customer service and client satisfaction above everything else.

Fragale Investigations has established a very strong reputation within North Carolina�s legal system. This can be attributed to our unmatched ambition, intense discretion, honesty, trustworthiness and a high success rate.

We have been able to gain unprecedented and unsurpassed knowledge on the legal system as well as the laws and codes governing Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding areas thanks to our long standing collaborations and partnerships with lawyers and many other professionals in law enforcement.