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Is your Spouse Suddenly Distant?

Is Your Spouse No Longer Interested In Sex?

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If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it's time to give us a call and get the answers you deserve. Let our team of professionals find the truth.

If you are looking for a Infidelity Investigator Charlotte, NC. Fragale Investigations has the experience to get the results you are looking for. Marriage is a beautiful institution where two people who love one another chose to commit to a legally bound life together. With great plans of a long and happy life together, the two people are not considering the possibility that things could go wrong. The happy life they sought to build has been dealt a blow by an indiscretion by one or both. This could lead to the marriage being dissolved via a divorce proceeding that could become acrimonious with accusations of activities such as infidelity, drug use, gambling, domestic violence or any number of activities that could tear a marriage apart.Alternatively, domestic issues are not always restricted to matrimonial issues. Families fight, often spurred by disagreements and accusations about any number of activities and incidents that are deemed serious enough to warrant legal action. Regardless of if it is parent vs. child, sibling vs. sibling or family vs. family, and the results can be catastrophic. If the activity or incident at the root of the legal action is not completely proven or disproven, the legal action can drag on and the costs can pile up.

Cheating Spouse Investigations

Whenever a family is faced with the challenge of legal action between relatives, the amount of damage that can be caused along with the ongoing enmity that is so corrosive to the family dynamic can be devastating in scope. Before anyone proceeds with legal action they should secure investigative help to determine all of the necessary facts. This can help in that it can prevent what could be viewed as a frivolous court action or can help to prove that the action was necessary. This is where Fragale can help.

With over 17 years of experience as a private investigator Charlotte NC, we are uniquely positioned to help with all of your investigative needs in terms of family or domestic issues. Our strong work ethic and our commitment to discretion and confidentiality make us the perfect choice to handle issues that can have such a massive impact on relationships that could be irreparably harmed. Our team understands that emotions can play a large part in pursuing legal action against a relative or family member and they may every effort to confirm that what is discovered in the course of the investigation is accurate. We will provide you a dossier with supporting evidence so that you can make the best decision possible. You can trust the Fragale team to help you with these delicate matter.